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Animal ID No.: A5139440

Animal name: Grizzly

Grizzly is a six-year-old brown spayed German shepherd that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center as a stray on Oct. 8. Grizzly was a tail-wagging, seeking-attention dog while being examined. She loves getting the attention of her handler and the medical staff. During her day out to the play yard, she was easy to leash, able to place the collar without any problem and walks well on leash with a slight pull. She entered the catch pen with relaxed body, soft eyes and neutral tail wag. He was playful and gave a soft attitude while the runner is getting her ready to go to the play yard. As she entered the yard, she gave good greetings, and when another dog approached her hastily, she was calm and didn’t mind being examined by other dogs in the play yard. She explored the yard and started soliciting play with other dogs. She was gentle and with them and loved the time she had outside her kennel. She also was nice in asking for attention from her handle. Grizzly will do well in a home with middle school-aged children and will also be able to be in a home with other large dogs. To meet Grizzly, use the link and follow the instructions on how to create a self-scheduling visit at the center:;


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