Shay Mitchell Breaks Down Her 58-Step Beauty Guide, From Face Masks to False Eyelashes – Vogue

“You’re going to see quite a few masks,” Shay Mitchell says on a recent morning in the latest installment of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. Accordingly, out come de-puffing eye pads, a pout-smoothing sticker, and a lifting chin strap picked up during a trip to Japan. The Pretty Little Liars actor, who has over 31.3 million Instagram followers, even has 24-karat gold patches specifically suited to her décolletage. Such skin-saving steps are, in fact, only the beginning of Mitchell’s more-is-more beauty routine, which also includes a handful of moisturizing serums and creams; a top-secret aloe vera balm that she slathers around her eyes; and, perhaps most importantly, facial massage—and lots of it. As she puts it, “If I have time, I really go full out with my skin care… Why not? It feels good.”

With over 25 makeup products in her daily arsenal, much the same could be said about the 34-year-old’s approach to color cosmetics. Nevertheless, Mitchell does not try to shape shift; rather, “I really do just try to enhance what I have and work with it,” she explains, moments after deftly mixing together multiple shades of concealer, powder, and contour to reveal a seemingly air-brushed complexion, which she tops off with a sweep of Refy’s gloss highlighter; a number of pigments, including bubblegum-colored blush from Benefit and Kylie Cosmetics; and a smattering of dots meant to enhance her natural freckles. “That’s what I think makes people beautiful,” she muses, adding on a spritz of Cacharel’s Yes I Am Glorious eau de parfum, “when they just enhance what they were born with.” 

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Filmed at The West Hollywood Edition

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