Seniors Fitness equipment installed at Crescent Park –

The long-awaited outdoor fitness equipment for seniors is now installed at Crescent Park. 

The exercise equipment is ideal for seniors and adults to exercise while it gives them the option of watching their grandchildren or kids at the same time in Crescent Park Playground. 

Due to COVID-19, the installation of the equipment was delayed and was just installed in October. 

“I think it’s another really great asset to the playground area and another way for people to keep moving and get outside in the fresh air and its so important now as we see. It’s another great attribute to a park like this,” says Crystal Froese, City Councilor.  

Back in 2018, the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association 55-plus (SSFA) presented a cheque with the amount of $8,819.86 to the city of Moose Jaw’s Parks and Recreation Department

The pieces of equipment chosen are designed specifically for seniors from the funding that was raised. However, adults can also utilize it. 

The new equipment targets upper body and legs and has two displays, as well as instructions on how to conduct the equipment properly. 

Seniors who live in the general area of the park have new options such as peddling which is a great source of exercise for the legs and an upper body workout to give the body some additional strength training. 

“I think it’s really great, we have been waiting for [the equipment] for awhile; as many people have experienced COVID-19, it’s kind of slowed down the supply and demand for a lot of things so that’s what the delay was for.  The money that was raised actually came from the Provincial SFA 55+ Provincial games that we did a few years back,” said Froese. “The timing is perfect to incorporate the new exercise equipment outside.”  

 “It’s here to get people to be active. Crescent Park, in particular, has about 12 seniors apartments and complexes all around it, so we know that it is a park that the seniors normally love to come to.  We thought this would be a great way to incorporate having the grandchildren and kids play while the adults can get some exercise at the same time they are sitting and watching too, ” said Froese. 


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