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DEAR ABBY: I met a senior gentleman (my age) on a dating site. I thought our first date was pretty successful. After dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go and watch some fireworks, so I saw some potential in that. We laughed, communicated well and agreed we had lots to share.

I assumed a text or phone call would be forthcoming. Am I too old school in thinking the man makes the first move? Well, he finally called — four days later — but only to say he isn’t looking for a serious relationship, but would like to see me occasionally. Does that mean I must sit around and wait for the occasion? I am not sure what “occasionally” means these days.


DEAR OCCASIONALLY: “Occasionally” means when this senior gentleman feels like it. Do NOT sit around waiting! Proceed with your social life. If you feel like accepting his invitation when he calls, go ahead and enjoy his company. But do not count on him for anything.

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