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The best thing about gifts is that they can still be for you if they’re from you. If you’re looking for something cool, wildly useful, or just fun, then you’ll like the deals that are happening during the VIP Sale. Nerdist readers can get 15% off the rad deals below when using coupon code VIP15 at checkout. That means saving on something as useful as a subtle odor eliminator or as emotionally satisfying as cool color-changing lights.

These Bluetooth earphones bring that special combination of immaculate sound, a sturdy design, and a comfortable fit that you’re not going to find everywhere. The 8-hour battery, IPX4 rating, and in-line microphone are also a plus. 

Get the Crave Octane Bluetooth Earphones for $25.49 (reg. $49) with code VIP15.

This bed is made from seven layers of absolute comfort, each designed to keep you supported and cool, making you feel like you’ve left the Earth when you haven’t even left the covers. This 13-inch bed will support your body and it fits with box springs or other bed frames. 

Get the GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress for $,1161.94 (reg. $2,245) with code VIP15. 

Itchy bug bites are annoying to say the least, and one of the worst parts is you just have to deal with it until they stop itching. The BITE HELPER is a proven way of not letting the mosquitos win. It uses a combination of heat and vibration to soothe the itchy area without using drugs or chemicals. 

Get the BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer for $21.21 (reg. $39) with code VIP15. 

Space exploration has inspired inquisitive minds for generations, and now it’s also the reason your cat litter doesn’t have to smell awful. The VentiFresh Plus uses the same photocatalyst technology that’s used on the International Space Station to naturally decompose the bad odors in your home. 

Get the VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Germ & Odor Eliminator for $50.14 (reg. $84) with code VIP15.

This wireless charging dock is made from solid Walnut, topped with gentle felt, and it’s the perfect addition to your home if you want to charge your daily devices all in one place. Use it to wirelessly power your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods while also adding a beautiful rustic accent …….


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