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October marked the official unveiling of the new fitness center at the Rose Hill Recreation Commission (400 S. Rose Hill Rd.).

The upgraded fitness center has expanded by about 750 square feet, according to RHRC Superintendent Jason Steadman, through movement of some office space. Additionally, new fitness equipment was secured for the renovated space.

“We’ve added 1,200 pounds of free weights, an olympic bench press, a hip sled, a leg press … and new cable machines for biceps/triceps,” Steadman said.

Renovations began in March 2021. While there are a few finishing touches being made, the space has officially opened to RHRC members.

“All the machines that are together and functional right now are being used,” Steadman said. “We’ve been shut down long enough that we want to open up for our members to do what they can.”

Members have been pretty positive about the upgrades so far, Steadman said, and have even made some recommendations for additional equipment needs.

The total cost of the upgrade project – paid out of the commission’s budget – was roughly $150,000.

Steadman noted the intent of the remodel was namely to add more space to the fitness center, but a secondary goal was to help attract new members with an expanded facility.

“The RHRC and our board are constantly looking at new projects for the community and its members,” Steadman said. “This was just an evolution of the Rose Hill Rec to progress and offer state-of-the-art programs and facilities for our community.”


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