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Gizelle Bryant isn’t necessarily looking for love.

She is, however, single and ready to mingle. After telling her three daughters that she’s casually dating on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle stopped by E! News’ Daily Pop, where she opened up even more about her romantic life.

“I’m dating casually, meaning I’m just not ready to be in a relationship where it’s work,” the Bravo star told Daily Pop’s Justin Sylvester and guest host Cynthia Bailey on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

Eager to hear more—and potentially set her up on a few dates—Cynthia asked Gizelle for additional details, i.e., “Are you getting some?!”

“Of course sex is involved if I like you like that,” Gizelle responded. “But I don’t want to have to call you all the time; I don’t want you to call me all the time…just leave me alone. I’ll like you better if you leave me alone.”

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Plus, any sort of serious relationship would require approval from her daughters, Angel, Adore and Grace. In 2019, Gizelle rekindled her romance with their father Jamal Bryant, but by July 2021, she told E! News she was single.

“I know that my kids only want me to be happy,” Gizelle said on Daily Pop. “They only want what’s best for me. And that’s their issue, as long as mommy’s happy, they’re good. Their dad is their dad. Like, they love their dad no matter what. We are fam bam no matter if me and Jamal are together [or] whether we’re apart. It doesn’t even matter.”

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She went on to talk about RHOP, which wraps up its sixth season this Sunday, and her complicated friendship with co-star Karen Huger.

“You know, I think Karen loves to say my name—we have to be clear on that, she loves to say my name. It’s a very beautiful name so I’m not mad at her,” Gizelle quipped. “But I think she does enjoy it, right? And I kind of enjoy it too. But we also like when we’re having fun.”

Here’s to hoping for more of that!


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