Rehoming Need For Magic Valley Pets On The Rise –

I was surprised the other day when I checked the local Craigslist “free” section to see what Magic Valley residents were attempting to pass off before the holidays. I was specifically looking for items that people may need before winter officially hits on December 21, but what I discovered is that many in southern Idaho are trying to find new homes for their pets.

It’s not uncommon to see people attempting to rehome pets on Craigslist, but it seems there is an unusual number of cases presently. The most common reason I’ve seen for rehoming pets is usually due to the owner moving to a new place that doesn’t allow animals. In the past eight weeks, nearly five million Americans have also up and quit their jobs too, so maybe financial struggles are factoring in.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is doing all they can do to place abandoned, lost, unidentifiable, or stray animals with new owners before the end of the year. The shelter has been at full capacity for weeks, and is pushing for people to consider adoption. The “free” section of Craigslist for Twin Falls has a number of dogs and cats that are in the process of being rehomed.

Many of the animals on the site are being offered free of charge, and some come with a price tag. A male dog listed as a “husky / wolf” cross was recently added to the website by an owner in Kimberly, Idaho. Three dogs and three cats have been listed on the website in the past four days.

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