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Priyanka credits her mom for her beauty and fashion know-how. “My mom was always turned out,” she says. “She would go to the hospital wearing her doctor lab coat with an amazing sari, brick red lipstick, kohl eyeliner, and Dior perfume. She was such a mix of East and West, enigma and glamour. I’ve had that quest all my life.” For casual days, Priyanka feels chic in matching athleisure. “Monochromealways makes you look like you’ve put in an effort. So even if it’s sweats, if it’s all the same color, somehow it looks put together,” she says.

“I don’t like spending too much time on glam, “Priyanka says. Her go-to’s include red lipstick(which she sometimes subs as blush), mascara, and dry shampoo from Anomaly, her ecofriendly hair-care line sold at Target. After winning the Miss World pageant at 18, Priyanka says she struggled with insecurity as she started her acting career. “I remember feeling like I didn’t belong or I wasn’t good enough,” she says. “What helped was turning inward and asking, How do I want to be seen? What do I need to succeed in today? As soon as you think bout how you want the universe to see you, you can create a checklist to become it.”

Priyanka surrounds herself with photos of family and familiar scents when she travels for work. “I love the smell of incense first thing in the morning. It makes me feel at home.” Here are some of her must-have everyday products.


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