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The latest Pets of the Week are Ren and Dallas.

These Pets of the Week are unique: They are a bonded pair. This means they came in together, get along and depend on each other emotionally, and the Animal Control would prefer to keep them together, if possible. However, their adoption together is not necessarily mandatory.

The sad story behind these two is they are strays. They were found tied to a pole together in a park. Despite the tragic circumstance they endured, they are two very nice and friendly dogs. They love to run and play in the yards, and both walk really well on a leash.

Ren is a female and Dallas is a male. Neither dog is currently fixed. They are young, probably about two years old. Ren is mostly gray with some white on her, and Dallas is mostly white with some gray.

Please call the shelter at (734) 240-3125 to learn more about these two dogs, or any of the others available.

Also, if you’ve lost a pet, please call or stop by the shelter. Many lost pets are unclaimed.

This article originally appeared on The Monroe News: Pets of the Week


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