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Cat of the Week – Meet Fiona

This two-year-old female Domestic Longhair is a brown, black and white Tabby. Friendly Fiona is what this cat is! When you first meet her, it may take a moment for her to check you out and then it’s “game on”! She loves being petted and will lean up to touch noses with you. A constant purr and lots of kneading shows her contentment. Playing with toys, especially a feather, does provide intrigue for her. She even enjoys engaging with shelter visitors through the cat condo glass. If you’re looking for a real snuggle bug to share your life with, come check out Fiona. Meet Fiona at Cat Condo (CC) 1, her ID number is A48807382.

Dog of the Week – Meet Gloria

This three-years-seven-months old female Pit Bull Terrier mix is black and white in color and weighs 81 pounds. Another example of a friendly animal this week is Gloria. This canine is an attention sponge-she loves attention!. She is a larger dog but thinks of herself as a small dog. She would probably try to get in your lap if she could. Meeting new people that provide affection is right up her alley. Walking well on a leash is one of her strong suits. Nuzzling and snuggling are other endearing traits. An active family willing to provide Gloria exercise opportunities would probably work well for her. She’ll make you feel so good, she’ll make you feel all right and her name is G-L-O-R-I-A! Meet Gloria in Dog Adoptions (DA) 8; her ID number is A48604721.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week

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