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Pets of the Week: Sebastion, Chance and Winnie

Forget Christmas in July – how about springtime in mid-November? If the bright sun and warm temperatures have left you with a very premature case of spring fever, you’re not alone! Here at the shelter, the cats have been feeling extra cozy as they doze in the toasty sunbeams, while the dogs have been indulging in longer walks and naps on the grass. No one has had the heart to tell them that the chilly weather of late fall is lingering over the horizon.

The only thing that would make sweet pets like Sebastion, Chance and Winnie forget about the weather? A forever home where they will be warmed by the love of their new families.

Chance and Sebastion are six-year-old brothers, and the self-proclaimed power couple of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

They spent their whole lives together in a loving home, until their owner had to move to assisted living. While these guys are certainly missing their family, that hasn’t stopped Chance and Sebastion from showing off their super social and outgoing personalities.

“This is my serious look. I’m seriously wondering when I’m going to get my dinner?” -Sebastion

Not only are these two incredibly friendly and affectionate, they are also gorgeous! Sebastion has a touch of old-world glamour with his plush, velvety buff-colored coat, green eyes and whiskers that refuse to be tamed. Chance has a silky, medium length coat accented with tabby stripes.

“I may be the handsome brother, but I’m also the smart one.” -Chance

Both boys look like stuffed animals in a toy store, destined to become the best friend and constant companion to a young child. These boys, though, are much more fun than any stuffed animal. Sebastion and Chance love being petted and cuddled, and are the ultimate snuggle buddies. They love to be as close as possible to their people – and each other, of course! Chase and Sebastion are calm, laid-back and pretty much the whole package. While these two may be joined at the hip, they have plenty of room in their hearts for a new family.

Want to double the fun and quadruple the love by adopting this dynamic duo? Arrange a meet-and-greet by submitting an adoption application online through the Burlington County Animal Shelter’s Petango page (, enter the shelter’s zip code of 08060, then go to the shelter page and …….


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