Pets of the week: Boomer has a heart of gold. Nina is a special girl who really needs a home –

JACKSON, MI – Boomer and Nina are just two of the many pets at Cascades Humane Society that are looking for loving forever homes.

Boomer is a 2-year-old male mixed breed dog. Mixed with what, is unknown, but he is a cute, big, goofy boy with a heart of gold. He loves any and all attention and will affectionately try to lick your face.

Boomer hopes to find a family with as much energy as him and a willingness to teach him the things he needs to know to be the best dog ever. Boomer already knows how to sit and will even do it without you asking him to.

As far as other dogs go, Boomer seems to not mind most of them. In fact, he is very playful with other canines. He may do best in a home with another dog that can match his energy-level. Cats, however, are not his favorite.

Boomer is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has tested negative for heartworm.

Nina is a very special girl who is looking for a very special family. She is 4½ years old and was surrendered because her owner was allergic to her.

She is front declawed and, because of this, she feels as though her best defense mechanism, her claws, have been taken away. Sadly, she will instead use her teeth to voice her displeasure about things. It is true for many cats that are declawed who feel defenseless.

Nina is fastidious about using her litter box, however, and doesn’t seem to be in any pain currently in her paws. She is a lap cat who would sit there for as long as you let her. Or until you feed her, whichever comes first.

Nina adores her face and cheeks being petted. We think she will bond with her owners and show them great amounts of love. She is FeLV positive, however, which means she will unfortunately have a shortened life …….


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