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Peter Weber tried to find love on reality tv on season 15 of The Bachelorette and was later cast as the star of season 24 of The Bachelor. An engagement and failed relationship later the Cuban and German pilot is ready to swipe for love on the Chispa dating app, which is the largest dating app for Latino singles in the United States. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to Weber about his hopes of finding a Latina that shares similar roots, and in the end, he told us a hilariously embarrassing dating horror story that involves Panda Express, and a lot of vomiting. Read the exclusive interview below.

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So you’ve matched on Chispa with your Latina queen. What is your ideal first date? Are you impressing her with your salsa moves? Paint me a picture.
Ah, I wish I could impress with some salsa mvoves, I still need to to work on that game. Dance wise, I’m a big line dancing fan, so I could take her swing dancing, take her, line dancing- a little two-step action. I could do a little impressing there. But for me, ideal first honestly, it‘s just something simple. I know it sounds crazy to say coming from the show world and all these extravagant things, but something that just allows us the opportunity to see if that connection’s there and just be invested with each other. And you know, like I say, lock eyes and hopefully feel the start of something beautiful happen. And that‘s the ideal first date.

So I definitely kept up with your season. I mean, not a lot of Latinas, definitely none in the top running. So what is it about finding someone who kind of shares Latin roots with you? Is that what is getting you excited about Chispa?
I think that‘s what I’ve been missing. I‘m sitting here like I can’t find love the normal way, I can‘t find love through reality TV- …….


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