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Personal Finance Insider is part of Insider’s Service Journalism department and is helmed by a team of experienced journalists whose mission is to help smart people make the best decisions with their money.

We understand that “best” is often subjective, so in addition to highlighting the benefits of a financial product or account, we outline the limitations, too. We spend hours comparing and contrasting the features and fine print of various products so you don’t have to.

Personal Finance Insider has affiliate partnerships with companies that provide financial products and services. However, the team is editorially independent. Learn more about exactly how these partnerships work and our editorial process below.

How our business partnerships work

No, Personal Finance Insider does not write sponsored content. Advertisers have no ability to demand coverage, to control what’s said, or to pay us for articles. We do not have to notify them when we’re writing about their products, they don’t see the post before it’s published, and they can’t make changes to the post after the fact.

We only make changes if there are factual inaccuracies, potentially misleading statements, or errors. Like all of Insider, Personal Finance Insider always strives to be accurate and clear for our readers.

So how do we get paid?

Personal Finance Insider uses affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means when we mention a product or service with which we have a partnership, we link to that product or service using a special tracking link that lets our partner know the reader came from our site. If that reader decides to buy or apply for something from our partner, the partner pays Personal Finance Insider a small amount. Exact terms vary by partner. These partnerships do not add any extra cost for the reader.

We use affiliate marketing to support our business. The revenue we make from stories allows us to, among other things, hire more journalists.

In that way, affiliate marketing is similar to other types of advertising you may see on the web, such as display ads.

Affiliate marketing works only if we recommend products our readers like and use. Since we don’t get paid to write about brands, and we don’t get paid just for clicks we send them, this business model is closely tied to the mission of our team: helping readers make the best …….


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