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TUCSON (KVOA) – Southern Arizona’s number one pet adoption center has a full house.

Just days ago, they took in nearly 80 pets in one day. You could safely say Pima Animal Control Center is packed.

They want you to help out by adopting a pet.

On Friday’s, they are open from 12 to 7 p.m.

Kathrine Landers and her husband are bringing their dogs, Nova and Blazer to PACC for a reason.

“We are here to get a third,” Landers said.

Both dogs are rescues. They’ve had them some since they were puppies. Blazer was dumped in the desert.

“He was close to dead it was 113-degrees out there,” Landers said.

Nova, came from a shelter 11 years ago.

“He chose me actually,” Landers said.

Nova, is the main reason they’re getting another dog.

“He’s getting older in age and we want to make sure that we have a buddy for him when he passes,” Lauders said.

Kathrine used to volunteer at PACC when she heard was full.

“It’s really heartbreaking because a lot of people during the pandemic they came and adopted animals and the place cleared out,” Kathrine said.

Unfortunately, she added, most of them are now returning the dogs because they’re back at work and aren’t able to give the dogs the attention they once did.

On Wednesday PACC took in 46 dogs and 33 cats.

Monica Dangler is the director of PACC she explained the increase.

“There’s COVID and people are just experiencing life and aren’t able to hold on to their pets any longer,” Dangler said. “The other piece is that we’re getting a lot of stray pets coming in.”

She suggested if you find a stray pet, you can help PACC by holding onto the pet and look for its owner. Usually, most pets are found just a few houses from where they live.

However, she said, “we will always take pets in especially dogs or cats with medical needs or behavioral challenges or people in crisis.”

The biggest help is to do what Kathrine and her husband are doing, adopting a pet.

“There’s something about a rescue dog,” Kathrine said. “They know they’ve been rescued, and they’re just the best thing every.”

On Fridays, PACC opens at noon and closes at 7 p.m. Adoptions are only $5 and $20 for dogs that includes the license.

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