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Whether traveling for work or fun, having the right gadget at the right time can be a total lifesaver, starting with getting some sleep on the plane.

I’m jealous of people who buckle up and zonk out. I’ve never slept well on planes. Even drop-dead exhausted, running on fumes, I want to cry I’m so tired — I’m often lucky to get 30 minutes to an hour of shut-eye. As a result, I’ve made it my mission to try every airline pillow available to traveler-kind.

I have 10+ years worth of them: Ones you blow up and use to lie face down on your food tray. Those weird Ostrich and Handy giant mitt-shaped models that get more laughs than shut-eye.

You name it, I’ve tried it. And I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found one that works. In fact, after more than a decade of testing travel gadgets on planes, trains and automobiles in some of the farthest-reaching places on the planet, I’ve uncovered a handful that I’ll never leave home without.

Catch some zzz’s with the Trtl, Cabeau and Travelrest

I just flew nonstop from Seattle to Dublin and slept nearly the entire way. No, I wasn’t drugged, and yes, I was packed like a sardine in the economy seats.

What made the difference was a sandwich-sized gadget called the Trtl ($45), which is essentially a super-soft scarf with a pliable plastic neck support built in to keep your head upright while you doze off.

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I used it straight under my chin or off to one side and didn’t get the typical aches and pains from my head flopping around. At one point during the flight, I even used the fleece wrap-around part to cover up my eyes to make a dark, cozy little cocoon.

I stuffed my ears with my AirPods Pro to quiet the din around me and …….

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