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Having personal finance skills is essential for a successful life. Many people don’t learn how to properly manage their money and make important financial decisions until they’ve already made big money mistakes as adults. This means they have to dig their way out of trouble, which can take time and education. School curriculum should include personal finance classes, but that’s often not the case. That’s soon about to change in the state of Ohio. Find out more about an upcoming curriculum change that will impact high school students at public schools throughout the state.

On Oct. 28, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill that will require public school high schoolers to take a financial literacy course before graduating. Each student will need to take a half-unit financial literacy course to meet graduation requirements.

Ohio joins only a few states to require personal finance education in school. For many students around the country, personal finance is not a subject taught in the classroom. Instead, teens often learn about money from the people around them, or they don’t learn at all. This can result in poor decision-making involving money as teens and later in life as adults. Requiring personal finance education could positively impact many students’ lives.

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What this means for high school students in Ohio

Ohio students in public schools who enter ninth grade for the first time on or after July 1, 2022, will be held to these new requirements. They will be required to take one half-unit financial literacy course, which requires a minimum of 60 hours of instruction. While this impacts public school students, it won’t apply to students attending chartered, non-public schools — unless they attend school using a state scholarship.

Some Ohio students are already learning about personal finance matters, but this curriculum is usually built into an existing class and taught on a smaller scale. Having more time to focus …….

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