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An annual gathering of New York technology and advanced manufacturing leaders is underway at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona. The two-day event – which like a lot of gatherings last year was held virtually – runs through Tuesday. WAMC’s Jim Levulis spoke with Elena Garuc, the executive director of FuzeHub, which is the statewide center for the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Garuc: This is our third year doing this summit. It’s an annual convening of what we like to call the innovation ecosystem. So we’re bringing together individuals from all different industry sectors, from advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, clean tech, digital technology, life sciences, and bio and all of the industries that we feel are high growth areas for New York. We come together for two days. And it’s a combination of an exhibit hall. We have almost 100 companies that are exhibiting, and these are innovators, a lot of startup companies, some are a little bit more advanced, but they’re all doing something in those industries, in those high growth areas in New York state. So it’s really exciting to celebrate. We also have four major keynotes. And we have a bunch of different breakout sessions on topics of interest to this audience, you know, everything from advancements in manufacturing, to reshoring, to the future of advanced electronics and packaging, quantum, biotechnology and personalized medicine. So again, the whole event from the exhibit hall to the topics to the speakers, it’s all keyed around what we feel is really a strong way to showcase New York strength in innovation and technology. An exciting part of what we’re doing this year is we’ve combined our commercialization competition at the summit. So we have 12 companies, startup companies, that are going to be pitching in front of judges live, to be awarded $50,000 to further develop upon their prototype. So that’s kind of an exciting part of the event that we’re looking forward to. And we have companies from all different industry sectors that will be there on-site pitching live for the event, in addition to all the other fun things that are going around.

Levulis: And looking at the schedule of events here, I see one of the topics to be discussed is manufacturing post COVID. Now, there’s been a lot of discussion about supply chain issues, kinks in global trade throughout the course of the pandemic. What are some of the strategies to remedy those issues, to look ahead and learn from the pandemic that you expect will be touched on during the summit?

Garuc: So we have …….

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