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Simply put, these last couple of years have not been easy for those of us who struggle with their weight. Panic, uncertainty, city-wide lockdowns, and not to mention… TV has gotten really good lately. While these days, people are wising up about fad diets and seen-on-TV exercise machines, with limited access to gyms and personal trainers it can be very difficult to find genuine help. This is where Noom comes in.

What Is Noom?

Noom is a digital health platform that is “on a mission to help people everywhere live healthier lives through behaviour change”. In practice, it is a personalised weight loss and health program that provides simple, daily tasks, lessons, and motivations you can access through a dedicated app.

Noom distinguishes itself with a focus on significant, lasting outcomes, and tries to avoid the trappings of traditional diets. According to Noom, over 80% of its users have lost weight on other weight loss plans only to gain it all back. So, Noom attempts to steady its users’ expectations, and uses a combination of health science and psychology to achieve proven health outcomes from weight management, to diabetes prevention and stress reduction.

Is Noom A Dieting Plan?

While Noom has recommendations on food and a clever colour coding system, it prides itself on not being a restrictive diet. Like Apple and Samsung’s respective health apps, Noom allows you to track your exercise and log your food intake. However, it goes further in providing personalised one-on-one coaching. All that being said, Noom does pay close attention to any dietary requirements and will regularly suggest foods to help you achieve your health goals. All without ever requesting you remove any of your favourite foods from your life.

How Much Does Noom Cost?

Noom is accessed through a subscription cost, however Australians are able to get a 14-day trial for $1. The most popular option recommended by Noom is the 6-month upfront cost of $129, which works out to $6.85 a week ($30/month). That initial 14-day trial provides you with a personalised program (customised to your survey responses in your entry questionnaire), and the full first fortnight of that weight loss program. After the trial, you’ll be given access to additional features for continued motivation and support such as a peer group and a personal coach.

How Does Noom Work?

As opposed to a diet plan or exercise regime, Noom’s daily lessons are based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that addresses patterns of thinking …….


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