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PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retreat, the first virtual reality app that teaches how to improve life and overall wellness, announced today a robust lineup of expert instructors and course offerings. Currently available on Meta App Lab, this new app from GeniusX, immerses users in masterfully designed virtual worlds, where they can browse and select courses focused on self-improvement and personal development.

Retreat highlights the instructors and their inspirational stories behind the course and outlines the learning process for each course in a new and exciting way.

How it works:

  • Upon launching the app, users will be prompted to travel through an inspiring virtual world and browse through a comprehensive menu of courses and instructors. Topics offered range from financial freedom, public speaking, and career development to yoga, meditation and self-actualization.
  • After selecting a course, users meet the instructor and interact as if in person. Together they navigate through the virtual space in order participate in fully immersive learning environments, complete with magical portals, interactive items and quizzes.
  • Upon completing every course module, progress is saved, allowing for easy breaks. Modules have been designed to be 8-15 minutes in length to avoid any fatigue for newer VR users.

“Our goal is to revolutionize education through the use of virtual reality,” said Nick Janicki, CEO. “We are changing the way that personal growth and self-improvement can be experienced by students. We are making continued education fully accessible in VR. The world’s top category experts are now able to engage with their audiences across multiple technology platforms – online, in-app and via virtual and augmented reality. We are bringing richer educational experiences to life.”

Research shows that students learning in an immersive, virtual reality setting are four times more focused than their peers in a traditional classroom environment. Retreat brings custom-curated content to learn tangible real-world skills such as: art & creativity, career & entrepreneurship, financial well-being, holistic wellness, and even relationships, through an innovative, technology-forward virtual reality system.

Retreat’s interactive platform was created and developed by immersive technology company GeniusX. The app is currently available for download by searching for “Retreat” through Meta App Lab.

“There’s no question that immersive technology will transform education, and we are really proud to become first movers in this space,” said Lyle Maxson, CSO of …….


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