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Dateability is a new app that looks to eliminate some uncomfortable conversations around health issues and accessibility.

DENVER — Sisters Alexa and Jacqueline Child created a new app aimed at those with medical illnesses who are dating.

Dateability was created after Jacqueline found many of the people on mainstream dating sites were uncomfortable or rejected her because of her health conditions.

“My sister became disabled due to chronic illness back when she was in high school,” Alexia said. “And over the years, I’ve watched her struggle with dating. Comments that would be made to her just being rejected due to her health condition or being made to feel like she would be a burden either now, or in the future. And I was always frustrated for her.”

After Jacqueline had surgeries on her hip and had a feeding tube put in, she and her sister got the idea to create a dating app with the ability to disclose health challenges to potential partners.

“I always struggled with feeling like I don’t want to disclose too early. But I don’t want to disclose too late,” Jacqueline said. “I know that a lot of people feel like if they don’t disclose, they’re lying.”

Dateability is open to everyone, not just to those with health issues.

No matter what happens with the app, Alexa and Jaqueline hope that this will lead to more valuable discussions about accessibility and ableism when it comes to the dating scene.

The app will be available on iOS and Android.

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