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Lilly Sabri is a physiotherapist turned Instagram fitness star who has earned legions of fans with her YouTube workouts where she has over three million subscribers. Infamous for her washboard abs, Lilly launched her app @LEANwithlilly recently.

She shared her daily diet plan with, revealing the protein shake recipe she enjoys every morning.

“Something I will always get in my diet will be a smoothie in the morning,” Lilly said.

“I literally always have a smoothie in the morning, normally a coffee-based one with the protein in it, because I don’t eat meat I need to make sure that I’m getting enough protein in my diet.”

Lilly has a smoothie with peanut butter and coffee to start the day.

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Lilly uses her own LEAN protein powder, the Superfood Protein, which she formulated after finding she didn’t like the taste of protein on the market.

The fitness guru detailed her typical daily meal plan to 

She tends to enjoy eggs for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

“A typical breakfast would be an avocado toast with a poached egg or scrambled egg on the side,” she said.

She snacks on protein bars or bananas with peanut butter.

Not afraid of carbs, Lilly often has a pasta salad or rice-based dish for lunch.

Always on the go, Lilly films multiple workout videos for her YouTube channel a day, while travelling between the UK, Dubai, and LA.

For those looking to slim down in the middle, Lilly detailed her “360 approach” belly fat burning guide. 

Lilly detailed how training, diet, and mindset are the three key elements to getting abs – as well as pilates.

“If we’re wanting to work the core we need to do more Pilates stuff. That’s the first thing,” she said.

However, the expert added: “Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s body is structured differently.

“Some people will be able to get defined abs and visible abs, some people won’t anatomy and that is absolutely fine but strengthening your core is different to having a visible six-pack, they’re a very, very different thing.”


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