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If There is a single theme all by way of the historic previous of science and know-how in China, It is self-enchancment.

An historic Chinese language saying from “Zhou Yi,” or “The E-book of Modifications,” written over 2,000 yrs in the past, goes: One ought to by no means sprime striving for self-enchancment and maintain the world with advantage.

Chinese language scientists Gu Songfen and Wang Dazhong, who gained China’s prime science award this yr, are trendy fashions of the self-taught man.

Born in 1930, Gu is an plane designer On the Aby way oftion Enterprise Company of China, Ltd., the nation’s main plane maker. At the age of 21, he joined China’s aby way oftion industry when it was in its infancy.

In 1956, China’s first plane design office was established in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and its first process was to develop the nation’s first homegrown jet plane. Gu was apleveled head of the aerodynamics group.

Aerodynamics is the “soul” of plane design. The research of The biggest method objects transfer by way of the air ensures an plane can fly effectively and carry weapons As properly as to guaranteeing the safe And guarded opperiodtion of the engine.

However, Inside the Nineteen Fifties, China had no aby way oftion expertise, gear or wind tunnels. Gu decided To level out himself.

After discovering overseas texts On the library at Beihang College in Beijing, Gu headed to the capital, borrowed A motorcycle and visited the library Daily.

He study A selection of books and transcribed All of the information he might get his palms on.

Based mostly on that information, Gu acquired here up with an aerodynamic design system and on July 26, 1958, after two yrs of enchancment, his group celebrated the maiden flight of China’s first teaching jet.

Gu went on to work on The event of the J-8, the nation’s first suparticular personic jet fighter, which made its first look at flight in 1969 however encountered critical vibration factors all by way of subsequent flights.

To decide The rationale for the vibrations, Gu volunteered To watch the plane in flight himself.

“We Did not have a digital acquired herperiod, so it might solely be carried out by A particular person,” he said. He glued skeins of knitting wool to the J-8’s rear fuselage and tail wing To watch their circulate all by way of flight.

To get A clear view of The biggest method the wool was disturbed, he required two …….


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