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Back in the day it was a lot more simple. A loving relationship that unfortunately ended in heartbreak. Modern dating however, comes with a mouthful of terms, from the well-known phenomena “ghosting” to getting “benched”, the list of modern dating trends are growing by the day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these are the sticky situations you don’t want to find yourself in. 

Some common modern dating trends include:

Breadcrumbing– This term comes from the German fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, leading someone down the path to believing that you like them. Leaving a trail of bread crumbs to keep you interested but never satisfied. 

Ghosting – This term is nothing new to some of us, been there, done that. It’s the act of abruptly and without reason ending all communication in a blossoming relationship. Texts, calls, letters sent by dove are all being ignored or “blue-ticked” on WhatsApp. 

Benching – Like, in sports, players on the bench are waiting to get on the field and partake in the game. In relationships, benching is the act of “stacking your roster” with potential lovers that could one day be called up to join the game. Mostly done when people aren’t ready for a relationship, this also involves breadcrumbing.

Zombieing – After being ghosted, these creatures come back as Zombies. Back to haunt you and convince you that things have changed, don’t fall for it. Leave em’ in the past. 

Orbiting – The new ghosting, due to the impact of social media. They ghost you and there is no communication, but they continue to watch your stories. Persistent lurking, monitoring your life updates without ever fully engaging in communication

Kanye’d – You’re 40 minutes into your first date, and all you manage to squeeze in was placing your drinks order with the waiter. Your date has been rambling about everything from their childhood trauma to their university crush. The one-sided conversation to the extreme, you’ve been Kanye’d. 

Dial-Toning – Before you could even get them to ghost you, wait …….


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