Modern Dating Is An Extreme Sport. Here’s Our Cuffing Season Preseason Report. – BuzzFeed News

This Pacific Northwest–based player has had a blowout start to cuffing season. He lined up two dates online, and had one house party meet-cute, which developed into further dates. As tryout season began, he told BuzzFeed News he’s still putting himself out there, just one suitor at a time.

“I’m the type of person where I don’t want to be talking to, like, 500 people at once,” he said. “I feel like if you talk to a lot of people at a time, you can be easily overwhelmed, and you can’t give anybody the chance that they need.”

Preparation has also been an event. With the help of three friends, Bhat said he planned an entire day’s photo shoot for him to revamp his dating profile. “We got brunch, and after, we went and walked around a bookstore I like, taking candid shots and finding funny book titles to take photos with,” he said. “My friends helped me come up with good angles, and good lighting, all that stuff. A lot of times I’m kind of uncomfortable in front of the camera for too long, but because I was with friends, we made it a fun day.”

The influx of social media content he sees from friends and influencers on his feeds has been another factor in his season. “I’ll see couples going on double-date trips and wearing matching shirts, or decorating their bathroom together,” he said. “And you’re like, Oh, I would love to decorate my bathroom or something, but I can’t.”

Analysis: Bhat is a player that knows how to both handle and share the ball. He’s aiming for an official relationship by the championships, but isn’t losing sight of his priorities — he wants someone who shares common ground and goals with him. And with a perfect setup for the season, what’s not to love?

Nikki, New York City, 25

Aim: Be cuffed by next winter.
Dates: Men


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