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MARYLAND-  The enrollment window for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange is set to open up on November 1st, giving Marylanders a chance to register for insurance plans. The plans offer assistance to people who may not be able to otherwise afford insurance with the government helping to pick up part of the tab for the different programs offered.

Those who are at or below 140 percent of the poverty line in Maryland get the most help with benefits fading out for those with a larger yearly income. The Director for the Maryland Health Benefit exchange tells us it’s important to pick a plan that meets your needs and is accepted by your doctor’s office.

“The most important thing when looking at plans is the doctor that you want to see included in that plan so if you already have an established relationship with a doctor you really want to be sure you can see that doctor,” said Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Executive Director Michelle Ebrelle. She says that the window for that enrollment has been extended this year to January 15 of 2022.

She tells us this year they are offering healthcare coverage programs for ages 18-34, with that could be as little as a dollar a day due to state and federal funds helping to pay premiums. She says it’s best to consider an entire plan’s payment system before choosing a plan, adding that a low monthly premium may still leave a hefty deductible and copays. For details on if you qualify and what plan makes sense for you visit the Maryland Health Connection website.


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