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The San Diego Humane Society is reminding pet owners that while Halloween candy is enjoyable for humans, pet-friendly treats are needed for their furry companions.

Here are some tips to keep your pets snacking safely:

1. Prepare pet-friendly snacks. Whether you’re attending a party or hosting, have goodie bags prepared for your pet in case folks want to treat them. This reduces the risk of unhealthy items being fed to your pet, and furry friends get to share in the joy. Introduce treats a couple times before an event, since it can be challenging for stomachs to experience new foods during times of high excitement and stress.

2. Set ground rules with guests. Let folks know up-front that they’re welcome to sneak your pet treats, provided those treats are approved by you. Being clear about expectations is safer than waiting for folks to ask or trying to catch something before it happens.

3. Create a quiet, safe space for pets. Be sure anxious pets have a quiet spot to escape to when they get nervous, especially if you experience lots of trick or treaters. If guests would like to interact with your pet, let them know how to make them comfortable. For example, say “If they come to you, pet them wherever they lean into you — but if they move away or don’t approach you, leave them be until they’re ready.” This is a great tip for folks wanting to interact with your pet year-round.

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