Lummus and Braskem Partner to License Technology for Two Green Ethylene Projects – El Paso Inc.

HOUSTON, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lummus Technology announced that it has executed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Braskem Netherlands B.V., a subsidiary of Braskem, the largest biopolymer producer in the world. The MOU is for the licensing of Braskem’s green ethylene technology for two ethanol to ethylene conversion projects under development in North America and Asia, signaling a global interest in the technology.

“Our partnership with Braskem is a very important building block that will strengthen Lummus’ technology leadership in the energy transition,” said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. “As the world’s largest ethylene technology provider, Lummus is confident in the green solutions we will be able to develop together with Braskem, the world’s largest biopolymer producer and recognized for its role in the circular economy. Our collective expertise, experience and resources will accelerate circularity in our industry and help our customers decarbonize their investments and produce greener products.”

“Braskem and Lummus are joining their expertise to foster the development of the sustainable chemistry”, highlighted Walmir Soller, Braskem’s VP Olefins/Polyolefins for Europe and Asia and Global Leader for the Green PE Business. “Braskem, with more than ten years producing Green Ethylene out of Ethanol from sugar cane, together with Lummus, with its process and technology licensing competences, will provide a solid basis for the growth of this green alternative that allows the use of carbon captured from the atmosphere into plastics and other chemical products, contributing to fight Climate Change.”

In addition to the MoU, Lummus and Braskem are discussing a long-term agreement for Lummus to license Braskem’s green ethylene technology as a way to accelerate the chemical industry’s use of renewable feedstock and fight climate change, converting circular carbon from the atmosphere into plastic as an alternative for oil. This aligns with both organizations’ goals to help reduce carbon emissions and play a significant role in the energy transition and circular economy. 

This MoU also reflects Lummus’ strategic business direction, through its subsidiary Green Circle, as a leader in commercializing and developing breakthrough solutions to address the key pillars of the energy transition, including end-of-life waste plastics recycling, production of bio-derived sustainable chemicals and decarbonization strategies for existing and new assets.

Recognized as a market leader in ethylene technology, Lummus has licensed more than 120 ethylene plants around the world, accounting for approximately 40 percent …….


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