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DALLAS, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chispa, the largest dating app designed for Latinx singles in the U.S. is partnering with Avocados From Mexico to create a fun digital experience where community members can connect over their shared cultura and love for avocados.

Through this collaboration, Chispa will encourage its community to celebrate their love for avocados by allowing them to display a “Guac Lover” badge on their dating profile, which will help them connect with others who share their love for this fruit. Additionally, app members will be able to take part in “Guacamoments,” an innovative digital experience created by Avocados From Mexico to help the online community find their fellow avocado lover.

“We realize that food brings people together in our community, especially among Latinx singles, and our partnership with Avocados From Mexico goes to the heart with the love and affection that Latinos have for avocados, a staple food in our culture,” said Julia Estacolchic, Head of Brand for Chispa. “We invite our Chispa community to participate in this fun digital experience – it’s a move in the ripe direction!”

Earlier this year, Chispa surveyed members and found an interesting way to connect singles on the app, with avocados at the forefront. Of those surveyed, 52% of Chispa users claimed any moment is a good moment to share guacamole, and 46% said that preparing guacamole with someone could be a romantic way to get to know each other.

To further celebrate this cultural moment, Chispa is giving back to the Latino community of farmworkers who work hard to harvest the beloved food we put on our tables. As part of this collaboration, Chispa will make a donation to Celebration Nation’s food bank for farmworkers for every “Guac Lover” badge displayed on its users’ profiles.

“As a Latina, I understand the importance of connecting with my community over shared traditions and experiences,” said Flor Martinez, president of Celebration Nation. “We are so grateful to Chispa for engaging us in a way that will benefit the farmworkers who work tirelessly to provide us with not only avocados, but other foods that bring our culture together and allow us to share special moments.”

The “Guac Lover” badges will be available to Chispa users until December 20th. The app is available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play.


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