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BEIJING, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Popular mobile fitness app Keep has launched its range of healthy snacks on Missfresh‘s (NASDAQ: MF) on-demand online retail platform, leveraging the neighborhood retail company’s fast delivery logistics network in 17 first- and second-tier cities across China.

Keep aims to satiate the burgeoning appetites of increasingly health-conscious consumers by breaking into the rapid home delivery market and extending its reach to Missfresh’s established customer base of quality-focused young shoppers on its app and WeChat mini program, allowing them to purchase delicious and healthy snacks in as fast as 30 minutes with Missfresh’s same-day delivery service.

The range comprises five products: KEEP Dark Chocolate with High Protein and Fiber, KEEP Dark Chocolate with Mengba Sugar, KEEP Daily Protein Bar, KEEP Chicken Breast with Egg White, and KEEP Vegetable Beef Pie. Keep’s newest product, KEEP Dark Chocolate with Mengba Sugar, is made from high-quality dark chocolate with 63% cocoa solids and popping candy with zero sucrose, which allows customers to enjoy the fragrance of chocolate without the guilt.

The 2020 China Fitness Industry Data Report shared that, as of end-2020, the number of fitness club members in China had increased to 70.29 million from 68.12 million in 2019; and that the penetration rate of fitness enthusiasts in the population is 5.02%. Boosted by people keen to improve their personal fitness level and maintain their body shape, there has also been a boom in demand for sports nutrition and weight management products. Between 2012 and 2020, sports nutrition was the fastest-growing segment, with a compound annual growth rate as high as 28.57%. Missfresh and Keep saw these trends as an opportunity to partner and launch healthy snacks for the mass market.

Paying attention to the specialized dietary needs of diverse groups of customers as well as lifestyle and food consumption trends is important to Missfresh to maintain user stickiness. Insights of retail platform user reports show a clear upward trend for healthy food sales. Case in point: The Healthy Breakfast Oatmeal product developed by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences launched to much fanfare on Missfresh, catapulting to the top three foods on the day of its launch.

Luo Angjun, who leads Missfresh’s food department, said, “Missfresh develops and refines its product variety according to our customers’ needs and tastes. Working with Keep allows us to bring more healthy yet delicious options to our users, and we look forward to offering …….

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