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A one stop can be made for Halloween treats this year in Port Allen.

L’Bella’s Hair and Beauty Salon located at 724 N. Jefferson Ave. will host an event during the same time as Trick or Treating this weekend. Port Allen Trick or Treating and the L’Bella’s Hair and Beauty event will be on Sunday, Oct. 31 from 5:30-7:30 P.M. 

Owner and Councilwoman at Large, Clerice Lacy, will host “Fright Night” at “The Abandoned Salon” as an alternative to door-to-door activities and will serve as a single stop for children to fill up on treats safely. Lacy reached out to local businesses and organizations for candy donations, anticipating a high turnout for Sunday. Decorations and costumes will be Halloween themed and appropriate for all ages. 

Clerice Lacy only acquired the business in March stating “I had no expectation of being the manager of a beauty salon. I was just elected councilwoman; I also work in the mental health field, so I didn’t have any desire to do that.” However, the position has opened up opportunities to network and give back to the community she serves. Lacy stated, “It’s important that we at L’Bella’s Hair and Beauty give back to the community that supports us.”

So far under her management, the salon has hosted a community event for back to school where they offered free haircuts, free braids and free manicures. An event like this “Inspires others to be creative and to invest into their passions and ideas,” said Lacy. When asked why she chose to host a Halloween event she simply stated, “It is better to give than receive.”

For the Haunted Salon, all staff will be present as well as some volunteers from Port Allen High School. The JAG program, hosted by Mrs. Stewart at PAHS encourages its members to clock service hours in the community. Volunteers will dress in Halloween attire and allow small groups to enter at a time, pass each booth and then exit. All are welcome.  

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