Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets | 2021 –

In a town where there are more pets than children (by a lot), the four-legged Halloween costume competition is fierce. A quick Google search reveals, no joke, dozens of canine-centric contests and parties in the Seattle area. Who will be top dog? Here are some winning looks you should be able to pull off by Halloween—or maybe even in time for your Saturday party.



Who released the kraken (who, who, who, who)? Celebrate the Seattle Kraken’s inaugural season, and last night’s big win against the Canadiens, by dressing your pet up as the sea creature itself (or, alternatively, a member of the team). This squid hat is miraculously still in stock and should arrive by Halloween:

Seattle Dog

This one’s as easy as you make it. Toughest: Toss on a hot dog costume, if you can find one (looks like PetSmart’s got a few left in Lynnwood at the time of writing) and add some embellishments to resemble cream cheese and caramelized onions (may we suggest a marabou boa?). Less tough: same hot dog costume, sans embellishments—you’re going to be explaining yourself either way. Easiest yet: Put ’em in some local sports merch. Whatever you pick, they’ll be as much a hit with Capitol Hill’s drunken revelers as the real deal. 


No need to get clever: Everyone loves a classic. This little jack-o’-lantern hat from All the Best Pet Care is cozier than more involved costumes, per marketing director Annie Blankenau, meaning your pet might actually be down to wear it all night. Or at least until they turn into a pumpkin.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Our boy Duane Chapman is back in the conversation after heroically volunteering to search for the primary person of interest in the murder of travel blogger Gabby Petito. He didn’t find him, but we can’t all be search-and-rescue dogs. Your canine’s got the species on lock—all they really need is a pair of doggles to pull this one off. (They’re a bit steep, but rugged adventure buddies will get good use out of these year-round.)


Pennywise and Georgie

Every evil clown needs a raincoat-bedecked sidekick. Pick up a classic yellow number from Mud Bay (your pet will be glad to …….


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