Lady Gaga and Ridley Scott on ‘House of Gucci’: When Beauty Turns Ugly – The New York Times

SCOTT No, totally. There’s nothing like success to make you feel good in the morning, right? At the same time, if you get some kind of clip or hit, don’t let it get to you. If you like what you did, move on.

GAGA I can’t agree more. When you are making art to please people or seek praise, this is not sustainable. You’re essentially passionate about getting people to love you as opposed to being passionate about the work. I know I lost my way as an artist for a while when I started to care about what would make people like me. Then I rebelled, because why should I follow a North Star that keeps moving?

My whole career, I’ve had ups, I’ve had downs. When you were talking about “Blade Runner,” I was thinking about my record “Artpop” and how they put out critiques before it even came out. Because of freedom of speech, people can write whatever they want, even if it’s lies, but years later, it’s one of my most critically acclaimed albums.

We have no idea what this movie’s going to do after it opens, but it doesn’t matter because we know we made something great. When you get to be lucky like me and be in one of his movies, you know that no matter what, this is going to last a lifetime.

You look at Ridley with a lot of affection.

GAGA I love Ridley so much. I felt he was watching over me. He saw me falling into this character more and more all the time, and he used to say, “You good, dude? You OK?” I would reply with whatever the truth was and he would always say to me, “Whatever this is, I hope you leave it here.”

So how did you feel when you left Patrizia and all of that behind?

GAGA To be honest, I was really ready to let go. She’s a tremendously complicated individual and when you’re living in …….


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