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Social media sites are full of accounts of professional chefs and home cooks making incredible and tasty looking dishes and sharing the recipes with their followers. These influencers are also known for having some unusual and trendy gadgets they use around the kitchen.

Many are incredible tools that make the life of those who spend their days and evenings slaving over a hot stove just a little bit easier. 

Most notable is the vegetable chopper that slices and dices fruits and veggies which then fall into an attached container, making for much easier cleanup. Another is the rotating cheese grater, which grates an entire block of cheese in under a minute without fear of losing some fingertips in the process.

Of course, there are also many gadgets that are wholly unnecessary for most. While not entirely useless, many are not practical for the price, or there may be a tool already in the kitchen that does the job just as well. So, let’s get into it.

People in Massachusetts love their bagels, and many purchase them unsliced from a bagel shop or bakery a dozen at a time to eat at home. Of course, this means, slicing is involved. While a bread knife is the most obvious tool to use, the bagel guillotine has become very popular. In one quick motion, it can slice a bagel evenly in half; it also has a security shield around the blade, so fingers stay out of harm’s way.

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However, at $20, the gadget is completely unnecessary and impractical. Obviously, it makes sense to have a bagel guillotine at a hotel serving continental breakfast; they don’t want guests using knives all willy-nilly. But for someone’s home, unless their family eats bagels for every meal, it’s more or less just a gimmicky product.

Cutting a watermelon is always a chore. They’re large and often difficult to work with given their shape. One of the items a lot of folks on social media have been trying is a watermelon cutter that features a windmill-shaped blade. When pushed through the melon, it …….


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