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The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is presenting this year’s “Trick or Treat on the Town Square” this afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30pm. The Jackson Police Department advises on Halloween night, motorists should be overly cautious for excited children who sometimes forget to watch for cars. Parents should strongly consider accompanying children while they are trick or treating. Parents should inspect all candy before their children eat it and not allow them to eat any homemade items or candy that is not in its original packaging. Jackson Hole Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Stephanie Ninnemann also points out that Halloween can pose threats for your pets.

“Definitely keep the Halloween candy away from your pets. Specifically, we’re looking at things like chocolate and artificial sweeteners, which is called xylitol, which can cause some pretty serious issues in dogs and cats, in addition to basic pancreatitis and GI upset.”

She adds to make sure if your pet is afraid of the doorbell or strangers who come to the house, that they’re in another room in another area of the house that’s safe for them. If the door is open a little bit longer than usual, or strange noises and groups of people that are not normally at the house are present, it can scare your dog or your cat and they could decide to run outside, or they could decide to go after one of your unexpected callers. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and a tag, and if your pet should happen to ‘go missing’ on Halloween, you can call the Animal Shelter on Monday to see if it was taken there for safekeeping.


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