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KATIE Price has revealed her tip for keeping dogs calm tonight as fireworks explode in the skies all over Britain.

The former glamour model, 43, has suggested playing pets the alarming noises – but the move has left some dogs confused.


Katie Price helped her fellow dog lovers by sharing a tip to help de-stress dogs ahead of Bonfire Night – but some were left confusedCredit: Splash


She reposted the tip on her Instagram Story

The star reposted a message from Protection Dogs Worldwide on her Instagram Story ahead of tonight’s celebrations.

Katie told her 2.7m followers: “Remember to start playing fireworks on your speaker today for pet dogs who suffer from the noise.

“Simply play the sound of fireworks on low volume and higher the volume as the day goes on to condition them to the sound!

“By the end of the day the volume should be high and the dog shouldn’t care anymore, gradually do the volume.

“Hope this helps all the scared dogs out there.”

Many Twitter users have discussed the method and it hasn’t gone down well with some pups.

One person wrote: “Confusing the dog by making alexa play firework sounds.”

Meanwhile others are a fan of what Katie has recommended.

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Another said: “Neighbour suggested try playing some firework sounds either through headphones or speaker at a moderate level for an hour here or there throughout the day, if through speakers play it while playing with them to show there’s nothing to worry about.Seems to work wonders for his dog.”

A third added: “Surely if you play firework sounds and anything else dog could be scared of as ours this would help with it play it every day when very little and keep doing it they will get used to it to the point they don’t give a s*** right ?”

A fourth chimed in: “I don’t know if it works for your pets, but we play back the sounds of fireworks from YouTube while we perform ordinary chores at home during the month of December. The New Year’s eve is just another day for our dog.”

Katie is a huge animal lover and has …….

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