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A new dating app catering to “cat-forward lifestyles” is hitting the market this month.

When dating online, “if you could cut to the chase with something that really matters most to you, that alone is useful,” Leigh Isaacson, co-founder of the app, Tabby, told The New York Post. She’s set to appear before a panel of judges on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Friday at 8 p.m. eastern.

A recent study from software developer Skylum, known for its photo editing programs Aurora HDR and Luminar, found 43 percent of adults on online dating sites believe they can get a sense for a person’s personality based on their profile’s photos. Nearly 20 percent of respondents said posing with an animal that might not belong to them were among a number of photo “deal breakers.”

Another poll, commissioned by pet health and wellness brand Zesty Paws, reported that nearly 70 percent of Americans said they would end a relationship if their pet didn’t get along with their partner, and 71 percent believed their pet’s judgement of character to be better than their own. Another 63 percent of pet owners said their pet had saved them from an awkward date by showing their dislike for the other person.

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Cat lovers say Isaacson’s app offers some respite to judgement from singles on other dating sites who don’t understand the connection they share with their pets.

“People always give people with cats a bad name. Calling them Crazy Cat ladies because they are so dedicated to their cats,” pet influencer Nathan Kehn, one of Tabby’s brand managers, said in a statement posted to the app’s website. “Honestly, I would love to find someone who is as dedicated in a relationship as cat owners are to their cats.”

“Guys like me have crazy issues with dating,” spokesperson Sterling Davis wrote. “Tabby is something that breaks those stereotypes.”

Isaacson with her sister, Casey Isaacson, launched the successful dating app Dig, for dog lovers, in 2018 after one of Casey’s own relationships ended because of her dog.

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