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As part of their new “Celebration Days” tradition Joseph Rogers Primary students recently learned about caring for their pets, while at the same time collecting donations for the Hawkins County Humane Society.

In the past, JRP has done assembly and clubs every 9 weeks, but Covid guidelines caused them to change the way they do things.

This year it was decided that the students would participate in what they called Celebration Days.

The celebration for October was to go along with what they were learning about in Reading: Government and government workers, rules, and laws.

One of the things they could choose to do was a service learning project centered on donating to the animal shelter.

Also, how to care for a new pet, what their daily needs are, care, feeding and exercise.They asked the second grade students to bring in items for the Hawkins County Humane Society pets.

They collected so many items that the shelter needed. The day of their celebration they took a virtual tour of an animal shelter online, and discussed the needs of a new pet.

It was quite a learning experience of what it takes to take care of an animal, and all the time, patience, love and care a new animal needs.

Some of the second grade classes “adopted” pets (stuffed animals) and some classes made toys for the animals at our shelter.

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