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TOKYO, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Based on futuristic cleaning technologies developed in Japan, the LOGESKI Toilet Bowl Cleaning Powder has been launched under the LOGESKI brand. The powder is a new concept for household toilet cleaning through its pioneering foam adsorption-based cleaning technology – Foam Sparkling Technology.

LOGESKI Toilet Bowl Cleaning Powder takes the hassle out of the world’s most hated chore

No matter where one resides on this planet, toilet bowl cleaning is regarded by one and all as one of the more disagreeable household chores. The task is time-consuming and laborious, and leaves one feeling annoyed. As a global model for household hygiene, how do Japanese families maintain a good cleaning experience in an efficient and time-saving manner, keep their toilets as clean as if they were still new, and, overall, enhance the quality of life? LOGESKI Toilet Bowl Cleaning Powder provides them with an efficient, hassle-free and comprehensive solution for toilet bowl cleaning.

LOGESKI’s patented core technology allows families to dispense with tedious cleaning methods

LOGESKI’s R&D Center has developed a pioneering cleaning solution based on adsorption with foam. This solution has two core technological advantages:

  1. Foam Sparkling cleaning technology. When the cleaning powder becomes wet, it bubbles up quickly and produces a vast amount of dense foam chock full of cleaning agents, which are then strongly adsorbed by the surface being cleaned and can quickly disintegrate stains, avoiding the need to manually scrub the toilet bowl;

  2. The gold composition ratio. Sodium hypochlorite is added to the cleaning powder, which overcomes the limitation faced by traditional acid cleaners in that they cannot properly sterilize and disinfect. As a result, an effective sterilization rate of 99% is achieved.

Strict selection of raw materials, standard production process, quality that meets international standards

LOGESKI works with several global raw material suppliers, strictly selecting high-quality raw materials to ensure the uniqueness and stability of LOGESKI products. LOGESKI also strictly controls the production process, using GMP-certified 100,000-grade aseptic production workshops and fully automated production equipment to ensure that every batch meets international standards.

Founded in Japan in 2020, LOGESKI is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of cleaning by living up to its motto: Cleaning, Change Life. The cleaning products maker …….

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