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According to statistics tabulated in a market poll by Mordor Intelligence, the size of the market for semiconductor measurement and testing equipment in 2020 was US$4.1647 billion, and it is expected to reach US$5.3734 billion by 2026, highlighting the enormous potential for development. The DoIT stressed that based on Taiwan’s cutting edge in its complete semiconductor industry chain and 2 nm manufacturing technology, the collaboration between ITRI and Oxford Instrument constitutes a milestone in the advanced measurement of semiconductors and will accelerate the development of inspection technologies. Oxford Instruments is a world-renowned multinational instrument and equipment manufacturer, providing advanced products and service around the world, while ITRI possesses world’s leading semiconductor measurement technology.

ITRI Executive Vice President Alex Y.M. Peng stated that ITRI has been dedicated to R&D projects spanning across semiconductor and optoelectronic industry chains. Presently, it has developed excellent technical inspection capabilities in the scale-down to 2-3 nm wafer manufacturing. ITRI and Oxford Instruments commenced technology cooperation in 2017 in the development of semiconductor optoelectronic components and equipment. The two sides forged a strong cooperative relationship and leveraged the strengths of each other, he added, which set the basis for a new round of cooperation. “This time we will work on cutting-edge measurement technology for advanced manufacturing processes and key tools in monitoring yields in mass production. We hope that the cooperation between Taiwan and the UK will accelerate the technological progress of both sides and open new horizons for the semiconductor industry,” he said.

John Dennis, Representative of British Office Taipei, said, “I welcome the signing of this MoU with great excitement. The importance of semiconductors has now become abundantly clear to people around the world. The UK has several world-leading semiconductor companies ranging from ultra-low-power IC design to Compound Semiconductor design and production. Furthermore, we have important specialist companies like Oxford Instruments providing high tech equipment and services to the world’s leading industrial companies and scientific research communities such as ITRI in Taiwan. Taiwan is already well known as a world leader in semiconductors, having both the world’s most advanced processes and the majority of the world’s semiconductor foundry production capacity. And ITRI is playing an instrumental role in developing Taiwanese semiconductor industry. I look forward to seeing this collaboration leading to ever increasing innovation and partnership.”

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