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The Black Shadow hacker group announced on Friday that it had hacked into the servers of Israeli web hosting company Cyberserve which provides services to dating app “Atraf”

Meir Orbach and Yuval Sade 23:2530.10.21

The Black Shadow hacker group is living up to its threats after leaking on Saturday data from the Israeli LGBTQ dating app “Atraf”. The group, believed to be Iranian in origin, said it has so far only released 1% of the personal user data it holds after announcing on Friday that it had hacked into the servers of the Israeli web hosting company Cyberserve.


Black Shadow also claims to hold data from the Kavim bus company and the Pegasus tourism company. Both the Atraf and Kavim websites remain offline.


Cyberattack. Photo: Getty


The Israel National Cyber Directorate released a statement on Saturday saying: “Over the past year we had alerted the company several times that it was exposed to attack. For those citizens that their personal data has been leaked we recommend being extremely alert to suspicious emails and text messages and replacing passwords on their applications.”


Last November, Black Shadow hacked into the servers of insurance company Shirbit in what has been defined as one of the worst cyberattacks in Israeli history. The hackers weren’t content with only encrypting and stealing the data, but also tried to blackmail the company by threatening to leak the data, which they did but to a lesser extent than expected.


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