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Meet Gizmodo’s newest podcast, Gadgettes!

Illustration: Gizmodo / Vicky Leta

Welcome to Gadgettes, a podcast from Gizmodo’s consumer technology team where we womansplain technology. Each week, your hosts, Gizmodo reporter Florence Ion and senior editor Caitlin McGarry, will dive into key tech topics, from the devices we’re testing and reviewing to the week’s biggest tech news.

And, of course, we’ll help you decide what to buy. Need to know if the latest MacBook Pro is worth your money? We got you. Wondering whether setting up a smart home is too much effort? We’ll help there, too. Not sure whether you should go Pixel 6 or Galaxy S21? We have some advice. From the latest Apple devices to Google’s many, many ventures, we’ll help you make sense of the cluttered tech landscape. And we’ll have some fun.

In our pilot episode, we’re fresh off a batch of gadget reviews. Caitlin walks us through the new features of the MacBook Pro and the abilities of its M1 Max chip. Gizmodo reporter Victoria Song joins us to talk about the new Oura Ring and how its smart features could be a game-changer for women. We also get into the spooky season spirit and discuss why “Google it” is one of the worst things you can say to a person.

We created this podcast because tech coverage, particularly in podcasting, has historically been homogenous and targeted toward a specific audience. Enthusiasm for technology and gadgets is no longer an exclusive club. We want to invite everyone to join us, so if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on tech, we hope you’ll feel welcome to tune in. And while we’ll nerd out on specs sometimes, we’ll do our best to keep the pod accessible to all.

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