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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2021 — Today at its inaugural Intel Innovation event, Intel returned to its developer roots, highlighting a renewed commitment to the community and a developer-first approach across software and hardware. Announcements spanning new products, developer tools and technologies underscore Intel’s focus on empowering an open ecosystem, ensuring choice for developers to use the tools and environments they prefer, and building trust and partnership across cloud service providers, open source communities, startups and others.


  • Announcing a unified Developer Zone, new oneAPI 2022 toolkits and new oneAPI Centers of Excellence designed to better enable developers to access reference designs, toolkits and other assets across AI, client, cloud, 5G/edge and gaming with an open, standard-based, unified programming environment.
  • The Aurora supercomputer to exceed two exaflops of peak double precision compute performance.
  •  Introducing 12th Gen Intel Core processors built on Intel 7 process technology to provide superior computing performance for every PC segment and to the edge.
  • Google Cloud and Intel unveil deep partnership and joint development of Mount Evans, Intel’s first ASIC-based IPU.

“As the creator of the original Intel Developer Forum, it’s a great honor to once again bring together people from across the ecosystem to explore the future of technology,” said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. “Developers are the true superheroes of the digitized world – a world which is underpinned by semiconductors. We will not rest until we’ve exhausted the periodic table, unlocking the magic of silicon and empowering developers so that, together, we can usher in a new era of innovation.”

Intel detailed key investments for developers, including an updated, unified and more comprehensive Developer Zone, oneAPI 2022 toolkits and new oneAPI Centers of Excellence. All are intended to improve access to resources and simplify development across central processing unit (CPU) and accelerator architectures:

  • Developer Zone: To improve ease of access to reference designs, toolkits and other assets across AI, client, cloud, 5G/edge and gaming, the new resource provides developers with access to a consolidated Intel Developer Catalog of key Intel software offerings, as well as an improved Intel DevCloud development environment to test and run workloads on a variety of Intel’s latest hardware (CPUs, graphics processing units (GPUs), field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and accelerators) and software tools.
  • oneAPI 2022: Intel is preparing to ship oneAPI 2022 toolkits with 900 new features since it shipped last year. This new release adds cross-architecture software development capabilities for CPUs and GPUs through the first unified C++/…….


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