Indoor Fitness Activities That Are Effective Workouts – Eat This, Not That

As the temps start to change, your fitness routine can, too. When it comes to your walking or running outside, you may soon be moving much of your workout to the treadmill, floor exercises, and machines at the gym. But even if you go to the gym throughout the year, it’s always fun to switch up your workout with fresh new ideas. Many health benefits can be derived by having fun with other indoor fitness activities that are effective to take your workout out of the gym. Change is great for your mood and increased social opportunities. So read on for some inspiration and ideas!

Switching things up when it comes to your workout regimen is really healthy. According to Men’s Health, you may not achieve as much success when you continue with the same old thing, even if it’s a solid plan. Doing the exact regimen on the exact days can be pretty tiring for your body and mind. It’s an easy way for individuals to stop their workout routine altogether out of boredom! According to David Jack, Men’s Health training advisor, excess stress and too many “repetitive patterns” can limit your results.

A new season presents exciting fresh options for you. Take a look at some of the below indoor fitness activities you can work into your weekly rotation. You don’t have to change everything you’re doing; just add a bit of pizazz to your day and keep things different.


Recreational ice hockey is not only a super cool sport (literally), but it’s also really healthy! Research from a study in Canada reveals the link between men who play ice hockey a minimum of once per week and better health—greater than males who are physically active. Hockey players are typically a bigger build in general and are found to have a much lower risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. When you see what a workout you can get from playing, you’ll understand why.

According to a review in the journal Sports Medicine, ice hockey involves intermittent skating at a high intensity. Performing the very quick movements involved in the sport—both in length and speed—makes for a solid aerobic and anaerobic workout. Heading to the rink with friends is a great way to get in some great cardio while building power, muscle strength, and endurance. And most important? It’s plain old fun!

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