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In Conversation with Philippe Starck: On Ecology, Technology and Materiality

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Believing that a creator has a duty towards society, Philippe Starck, is a multifaceted designer whose projects span across many disciplines. From architecture and interiors to industrial and furniture design, Starck’s portfolio is always, as he puts it, “focused on the essential”, and “must improve the lives of as many people as possible”. Author of Alessi’s famous lemon squeezer, he is known for pushing the boundary of design in everyday objects.

With 10,000 creations, completed or yet to come, Philippe Starck is a pioneer in “making things in the way of ecology”. In fact, ArchDaily had the chance to meet the designer at the 2021 Salone del Mobile, to discuss his design approach and visions as well as hislatest plywood creation for Andreu World.

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“Creativity is the best result for human intelligence”. — Philippe Starck

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ArchDaily: Today, we are being pushed to change, to evolve as humans in this very strange moment of history. How are you taking this moment as a designer?

Philippe Starck: I think we have to stop being focused only on the pandemic and shift our attention to what is happening with ecology and politics, more complicated to handle. People will start to die by millions because of climate-related issues, and we are witnessing the rise of a new form of fascism, very problematic to eradicate.



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