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Roy Graff has been in polyamorous – meaning more than one partner – relationships for 10 years.

The 51-year-old, from London, has two long-term relationships and is currently dating three women on a casual basis.

“I don’t have a primary relationship where I live with someone,” says Roy, “but I have multiple relationships which I practice in parallel. Along with my partners, we practice lots of transparency and honesty. They know who else I’m dating and we all make sure to practice safe sex – and also to coordinate our calendars.”

When it comes to logistics Roy, who began working as a relationship coach last year after a career in digital marketing, says he spends time differently depending on which partner he’s with.

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Roy says it’s a ‘good approach’



“One of them doesn’t have any other partners, while the other has a few casual connections. I see one of the women every week to 10 days and the other I’ll see a few times week. When it comes to the more casual date we’ll go for drinks or just stay the night with each other. As long as everyone knows where they stand then it’s a good approach.”

And while Roy, and his two long-term partners, both of whom he has been seeing for around three years, normally live separately, they decided to live together during lockdown.

“We were worried about not being able to see each other,” he explains. “It wasn’t easy as we didn’t have much space or privacy and we’re all used to living on our own, but it worked for around six or eight weeks.

Roy has been married before but says it did not work for him



“The key is to be really aware of what your real needs are in a relationship. The way I see it, I don’t own anyone’s body, mind or emotions.

“Just because we’re dating they’re not obliged to give me their time or affection. I would spend two nights a week with each one, have a couple of nights to myself and then we’d get together …….

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