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When Warriors’ rookie Stephen Curry was hazed by his team’s veterans, forced him to get a new phone on the road in OKC

Rookie hazing is a common practice in the NBA. It is a way for the rookies to develop a bond with their seniors and a part of their acceptance to the squad. It usually doesn’t matter if you’re the child of a famous personality, former NBA star, or a commoner. Rookie hazing is a tradition as old as the NBA. One of the people known for hazing rookies and making a fun time out of it was Shaquille O’Neal.

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Back in 2009, the Golden State Warriors had just drafted Stephen Curry as the 7th pick in the Draft. Son of Dell Curry, Steph did not really boast any extraordinary athleticism or a huge physique. However, the 6’3 Curry showed tremendous potential, and his showing at Davidson just bolstered his rank in the draft pick.

“They took my phone away just before a road trip, how do I talk to Ayesha?!”: Stephen Curry

Back in 2019, almost 10 years since Steph had been a rookie, he opened up about an incident that happened to him. Steph was at Lake Tahoe for the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament.

He opened up to Chris Smith, and said,

“I had a vet when I was a rookie — I had my phone, mind you I’m dating my now wife(Ayesha Curry) at the time and I’m going on a road trip so I need my phone obviously — we had finished practice and we were headed to the airport, and he knew where my phone was.

“He knew I always put it in this little pocket in my backpack. So after practice, I go get in the shower and put my phone in there. I’m kind of late so I’m hustling. He knows after I get out the shower I’m probably not gonna grab my phone.

“Take my phone, locks it in his locker. I get all the way to the airport and realize I don’t have my phone. I get off the plane in Oklahoma City, not only did he make me leave my phone at home so I had to go to the store to …….

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