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What is the future of work? Perhaps a blurry mix of work, life, pyjamas, and Zoom. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced several office-based companies to shift to the remote trend, one question we’ve been asking ourselves is: Is working from home here to stay? The last 1.5 years taught us that no matter where employees are working from ー home, on the go, in the office, at restaurants and just about anywhere ー getting the work done is all that matters.

According to Lenovo’s The Future of Work and Digital Transformation Report 2021, 70 percent of employees said they would be more satisfied and productive if they can work flexibly.

Hybrid work, as it appears, is here to stay. But as we explore the best of both worlds, concerns revolve around seamless user experience i.e, having the right tools and technologies in place to ensure that employees can collaborate, have their work secured and be productive, anywhere.

Unlocking the maximum potential for work

Today, IT decision-makers and technology leaders are creating a frictionless hybrid work environment, one where world-class connectivity and devices allow employees to collaborate, without having to worry about someone hacking into your system.

And to ensure a seamless transition to the new-age workspace and maximise productivity, Lenovo has come up with a host of services like Lenovo Device Intelligence, Endpoint Management, Lenovo Premier Support, and more. This has enabled businesses to thrive effortlessly, even when their teams are working remotely.

Security is cause for great concern, especially for small businesses. Fixing a breach is expensive and often causes irreparable damage. The same Lenovo report stated that 71 percent of data breaches in small to medium businesses are never discovered. For them, secure PCs are the first line of defence.

What organisations need to invest in is hardware, software and solutions that supercharge productivity in the modern workplace, protect employees against cyberthreats and make the shift to hybrid easy, without having to change their IT infrastructure.

This is where Lenovo comes into the picture, with its ThinkShield security solutions, that make sure that workplaces are secure from cyber-attacks, data breaches, and data thefts. Lenovo’s report says that endpoint devices are one of the largest attack surfaces, and it is important that every type of protection begins with them.

Technology suitable for every work environment

Sometimes, strategies to prevent cyberattacks don’t work out as expected, and it is important to make sure that malicious agents don’t get access to sensitive data. …….

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