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CHRISTMAS is always manic and between work, buying gifts and keeping three kids alive, getting a mani or wax are the last things on my list.

But even if I could find the time, it’s almost impossible to get an appointment – with many salons already booked up until the big day.


Lynsey saved nearly £600 by doing her own beauty treatments

Treatments are being snapped up well over a month in advance at the moment, according to booking site Treatwell.

Salon calendars for December are usually organised by November 18.
And good luck if you want the peak pre-Christmas dates between December 16 and 20.

Ricky Walters, founder of SALON64 in London, says: “We are noticing clients are super organised and are booking appointments ahead of the Christmas rush.”

But for those struggling to get an appointment, there are now countless salon-style treatments to do yourself at home.

From Botox in a bottle to a pedi in a box, they may add time, but save on money.

So, I decided to give myself a full-body makeover at home.

I saved around £600 on what I would have spent with the professional – and feel a million dollars.

These are my verdicts on each treatment, with marks out of ten.

Botox in a bottle


Agireline and Matrixyl made Lynsey’s skin glow

FIRST up, what TikTok users like to call “Botox in a bottle”.

The wrinkle-zapping solution requires mixing two serums by The Ordinary (10% Argireline Solution, £5.50, and Matrixyl 10% Plus HA High Strength Peptide Formulation, £9.60, both at

SALON PRICE: £210 a session

VERDICT: I didn’t notice much difference in a week, but my skin did gain a lovely glow.

Pamper pointers

By Siobhan O’Connor

GET AHEAD: So you’ve got your pre-party appointment, but if you want a top up in between Christmas and New Year your best bet is to book up when you’re in the salon. Insiders say a Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon are the quietest times so utilise your annual leave and treat yourself to a pamper session.

BAG A BALAYAGE: Instead of going for your usual all-over colour, opt for a balayage. …….


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